October 8, 2016


2017 was a year of mini-reunions and informal get togethers.  From Cape Cod to Natick, from the east coast to the west coast, we are reconnecting. It's comforting to rekindle friendships ... to share in each others' lives.  It will continue in 2018.

Now is a good time to revisit this website!

President Paul LeMarbre's Reunion speech is still on the "Welcome Message" page.

Revisit the "Classmates" page and reread some of those profiles. So much has happened in the past year.  Please update your profile.  Update your current photo also.

Tributes to those friends we have lost are on the "In Memory of ..." page.  A link has been added for you to view the memorial reel that was played at the reunion.

You can view Oral History Project interviews with some our classmates on  the "Military" page.

"Wall of ..." is the Wall of Achievement and NAHOF is the "Natick Athletic Hall of Fame".

If you would like to make an announcement, arrange a get together, etc., visit the message board.  Click on "sign our guest book", type your message, and submit.  

Take a look at photos from then and now on the "Photo Albums" page... and upload your photos. 

Please visit and add to this website.  It is here for YOU!
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